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Transaction Law Real Estate & Business Law

Hamilton N. Tran

General Counsel
Pacific Convenience & Fuels LLC

“I first worked with Bill when he was counsel for a counterparty. He stood firm on the right things in a high-pressure situation without ruffling any feathers but without giving up any ground either. After seeing him in action, I asked him to represent us on other matters. It’s been a great working relationship since the beginning.”

Transaction Law Real Estate & Business Law

Roger C. Hobbs

R.C. Hobbs Company

“Bill is a very competent lawyer with a keen sense to make a deal happen. He is very personable and enjoyable to work with. He cares about the outcome for his clients. In addition, Bill has a great deal of experience in complex real estate transactions. We would definitely recommend Bill’s law firm to anyone.”

Transaction Law Real Estate & Business Law

Phillip L. Bonina

Director of Real Estate

“Bill and I first met while negotiating a transaction from opposite sides of the table, ever since, I made sure we were on the same side. Bill not only has a strong grasp on the legal drivers of a Real Estate/Business transaction, but just as importantly, recognizes and prioritizes the business needs of his client. He has been a great asset to have on my team.”

Transaction Law Real Estate & Business Law

David Delrahim

Platinum Energy

“Trust is very important to me. I need to feel 100% confident in my business dealings and with Bill Brinckloe I do. I know when Bill is on board, he will protect my best interests. He follows through all the way to the finish line dealing with really complicated transactions and doesn’t miss a detail along the way. This is a huge value to me because once you sign a contract, that’s it.”

Transaction Law Real Estate & Business Law

Bert R. Norred

Business Management Consultant

“I have used Mr. Brinckloe in several kinds of legal issues such as working with the State of California involving environmental solutions, writing and re-writing sundry business contracts, partnerships and corporate legal questions. I was truly impressed that he makes a study of your business so he can represent you in the most professional manner. His is one that cares and it shows. He gets the job done!”

Transaction Law Real Estate & Business Law

William A. Grant, II, DVM

The Emlen W. Hoag Foundation

“I cannot recommend Bill more highly. Not only does he provide honest, open communications but he does so when it is convenient for me — even after hours. He demonstrates the highest level of ethics and integrity. We’ve worked with over 20 law firms, some large, some small. Bill is at the top.”

Transaction Law Real Estate & Business Law

C.B., Director of Real Estate for Southern California-based Drive-Thru Hamburger


“The purpose of this letter is to highly recommend William B. Brinckloe, Jr.; indeed, it is rare that I have an opportunity to write a letter with both the enthusiasm and the confidence which accompany this one.

Bill has been instrumental in creating documents for both the lease and the purchase of properties, in negotiating extensively on our behalf and often across the table from major landowners and developers, and in following through on every file until complete in every sense.

Throughout our relationship with Bill, he has demonstrated those skills and qualities which most of us expect from a fine attorney: integrity, knowledge of the law coupled with the wherewithal to apply it in the marketplace, professionalism, thoroughness, intelligence, understanding of client’s needs and goals, fairness and honesty. Bill has worked for the company as outside counsel, yet we have looked upon him as an integral part of our team not only for his expertise, but for his character.

On several occasions Bill has made us aware of unforeseen matters which guided us in making critical decisions regarding properties; these involved a wide range of issues from asbestos removal to environmental protection to legal descriptions to title insurance. Although matters of law, they certainly were matters of economics to us.

On other occasions, I had the pleasure of watching Bill at the “deal table,” and I must say that he was impressive—not because of theatrics or verbiage, but because of the more refreshing qualities of clarity, conviction and persistence. Perhaps the best recommendation of Bill would come from those who sat not next to him as I did but across from him at the table: I was pleasantly surprised several times when a landlord would call after a deal had been done to comment on Bill’s effectiveness as an attorney; one developer of a shopping center in which were we were to be a pad tenant said, “he got more from us than the anchor got.”

Bill Brinckloe is one of the good guys. He never makes a promise he doesn’t keep—and he makes lots of promises. He never misses a beat—not a clause, not an amendment, not a comma. He never settles for better when only best will do. Bright, energetic and warm, Bill is recommended without reservation.”

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